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Send a synopsis, an author bio, any advance praise or review quotes, and thirty or more pages in English. We are committed to publishing translations if we can make it work, budget-wise—we too need to eat—and if (this part is obvious, no?) the book is so terrific that we just can’t say no. Should you know of funding opportunities that can be pursued, please let us know.

We'll do our best to reply within six months or so, but we are short-staffed and we are human, so do check in; and if you don't get a yes or no from us one way or another after six months have passed, feel free to let us know we were not worth your time. Simultaneous submissions are definitely OK—of course: to the best of our knowledge, you have one life to live, and shouldn’t be kept waiting for a year or two about the publication of your book. But be considerate, and let us know if anyone else is seriously interested and if, of course, you’ve signed on the dotted line.