"Heady, dizzying writing . . . A master class in how to tell a war story."
Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) 


"Massively entertaining! . . . Make room for the new Gulliver. He has brought home news out of Kazohinia." 
—Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked

""A picaresque tale of the struggles of the Romany . . . in Hungary before World War II, appearing for the first time in English
. . . A rare, observant . . . snapshot of Romany life." Kirkus Reviews 

"A breathless . . . adventure pits a poor, fatherless girl against all sides in a battle for a dragon’s heart and a city’s freedom.
. . . [A] remarkable and distinctive offering for devoted fantasy fans." 
Kirkus Reviews


"Stylistic virtuosity, penetrating emotional power, and a post-apocalyptic vision . . . a brilliant literary achievement." 
Philip K. Jason, Jewish Book Council 

"Plebanek’s crisp and intelligent new novel is full of pitch-perfect descriptions, mostly but not exclusively about sex and its contemplation. . . . A merciless comedy of modern manners and the politics of desire."
Publishers Weekly